About TheTechnoToast Ltd
TheTechnoToast Ltd is a graphic design, software and video company based in the United Kingdom.

After our founder observed racist generalizations aboutJews and Israel supporters from Gab's top staff - and receivedaccusations from them for daring to call this out,we leave the platform.

We join Gab!
We close our YouTube accounts, exactly 7 years to the daysince we first joined.
We remove our apps from Google Play, as part ofour move away from Google.
We leave Twitter after they announce a crackdown oncontroversial opinions and images.
We move our videos to PewTube, after Vid.Me announcesthey are shutting down.

We announce our departure from YouTube,after they refused to take action over trademarkinfringement and antisemitism.
We leave Google+, after experiencing a lack of interactionand a throttling of our site's +1s.
We join Vid.Me.

We officially become incorporated as TheTechnoToast Ltd.
We move our website from Blogspot to Weebly.
We launch our UK site!

We reach 20,000 views on YouTube.
We move our website from Webs.com to Blogspot.

We join Google+.

We join Twitter as @TheTechnoToast.

We join DeviantArt, and regularly release concepts,wallpapers and software on the site.

March 17, 2010
TheTechnoToast is founded.
At this point we are just a personal YouTube account,uploading text-to-speech videos, YouTube Poops, parodies, music and other media.

Special Thanks
TheTechnoToast Ltd would not have been possible without the support of Yahweh, God of Israel,and his son Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.
He has protected us from disaster, given us so much guidance and kept his promises to us.As far as we are concerned, God is the true founder of this company.

250+ Designs
450,000+ Artwork Views
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TheTechnoToast Ltd